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We offer Tandem Skydiving at Waterford Airport on select dates year round.

The Sunny south East as it is known is a beautiful place to Skydive from 10,000ft becasue of the stunning coastal views. From 10,000ft you will have the chance of seeing the spectacular views of Tramore and the South-East coastline. While the aircraft climbs to 10,000ft you will experience scenery you have only ever dreamed about! The Sunny South-East is definitely a place that will take your breath away.

Waterford Airport offers fantastic facilities including 1400m tarmac runway fully licenced by the Irish Aviation Authority, Air Traffic Control and professional Fire and Rescue and secure parking. It is an excellent airport and is a very friendly place to visit and parachute jump.

The airport is easy to find on your SatNav or use Google Maps below for directions and help. Waterford is an international airport. Waterford City is only 9km away and the well known and popular sea-side resort of Tramore is just 5km away.

Information for Skydive Bookings at This Location

On Arrival
When you Arrive you can check with the Airport Reception and they will direct you to our office.

Only those partaking in a Skydive are permitted airside. Your friends and family are not allowed to go Airside with you.

Spectators will only be allowed observe from outside the perimmeter fence. although the Freefall and Parachute Flight will be visable for them from anywhere nearby, they will not be close enough to see the a good view of the parachute landing.

We appreciate you will want to bring friends or family to support you for your big day out. Everyone is welcome to the Skydive Centre but we ask that you make everyone aware that it can be a long day of waiting, ESPECIALLY IF WEATHER DELAYS OCCUR.

If you wish to invite friends and family to come and see you then be aware of the limitations on this location. Our Full Time Base at Galway Airport is better suited to Groups who have a large number of spectators.

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